The PINCHER (miniature pinscher dog), all about this breed

They are usually of only one owner and will be very attached to him, whom they will choose because he gives what he needs most: love, food and exercise.

They are highly guardians, they will bark at any threat and when someone comes home, and let's not forget that they are part of group II (Guard and Defense) they stand out for being dogs of great instinct and with a highly developed sense of smell, they are able to smell the owner a lot of distance and have great guidance power.

They are thugs and have an instinct for extraordinary hunting and, if we add to this their power and speed, it makes them the perfect hunters, so do not be surprised if one day you go to the field and hunt a prey like A rat, a rabbit.

In a Miniature Pinscher the selection and work of the breeders is something that is fundamental, but this should not only be done in beauty, but with that I also refer to the character, otherwise we move away of what the race should be.

We must take into account the following points to have a Miniature Pinscher, not only of quality, but also with a character as its standard marks:

First, the character of the parents, genetics is the most important point to consider.

Second, the socialization of puppies up to two or three months must be carried out by the breeder.

Third, socialization by the new owners.

These points are essential for us to enjoy a wonderful Miniature Pinscher. If they are raised with children, they may be their best friends, but they should always be under the responsibility of an adult and educate both the child and the dog in a relationship of mutual respect.

The Pinschers are stubborn, clever, affectionate and manipulative, they know how to get their way always, so, from the first day with them we must be aware, since they always want to get what they want and in a way another will do it almost without realizing it if we don't impose ourselves. Therefore, like any other dog, it requires education and discipline.

We should not judge them by their size, their adult weight ranges between four and six kilos, so it is listed as a small breed, but it is a small large dog that is not aware of its size and does not have afraid of nothing, in addition, it always overflows a great personality wherever it goes.

The Pinscher is perfect for many activities and sports, such as agility and obedience, since they have a lot of intelligence and are dogs that are passionate about sport and challenges. They love learning new things every day.

The breed is suitable for living in a flat and in a house, but we must try to dedicate time and exercise, daily walks of one or even two hours is ideal, also take them to the beach and the countryside and encourage that it is related to other dogs and other people from an early age will help them a lot in their future character.

With a Miniature Pinscher every day is an adventure and there is no boredom, they are the owner's best friends and will make your life more complete.

Life expectancy of the pincher dog

LThe life expectancy of the miniature pinscher is 13 to 15 years. With proper care and a good diet, some specimens can even reach 16 or 17 years. This makes them one of the longest dog breeds that exist.