Separation anxiety

Let me ask you something.

  1. When he stays alone he barks, urinates on the ground or destroys things?
  2. Even if you go out for a short time, do you show these symptoms?
  3. Does your dog have these behaviors when he stays home alone and is not within reach of his owners? , or even, when you're in a room that you don't have access to.

Note: If your answer was YES to more than one question, you are very likely to have separation anxiety.

But ... What is separation anxiety?

As the name implies, separation anxiety is a type of anxiety that usually manifests in some dogs when they separate from their owner.

Do not stress, this type of anxiety is common in all kinds of breeds and affects 15-20% of the canine population, especially in inseparable owners of their pets.

But ... Why do you suffer from separation anxiety?

  1. Its social nature: anxiety reactions to separation are very common in social species such as dogs (group life).
  2. An excessive dependence (or excess of attachment) of the dog towards one or more of the family members. Therefore, the symptoms of anxiety always manifest when the owner is absent or in the moments before leaving home.
  3. Some predisposing factors, such as premature weaning, the origin of the animal and the handling of the owner.